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Thank You

Aftercare Charles Town would like to thank the following contributors. Without your support we would not be able to provide services for retiring equine athletes. 


Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc
Ronald E. Cuneo
Michael G. Atkins
Richard and Elizabeth Knapp
Lowe Real Estate Group LLC
Ethlene DiGregorio
William and Melissa Lewis
Jan Groves
Amanda Morro
Georgiana Pardo
Susan Ross/The Ross Foundation
Martha Keeley
Mary Patricia Stone
Renny T. Smith
Charles Town Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association
Donna Hayes
Catherine Jennings
Deborah Jett McVay
Alison Kate Painter
James W. Casey
Chad Houser
Lisa D'Alonzo Stapleton
Mary Alyce Pardo
Destination Farm
Patricia Harper/Old People's Riding Club
Martin Estrada Cypress Polo Club
The SURDNA Foundation
Ollie Figgins
Victor Espinosa
Patricia Patterson Pennington
Ernest Wills, Jr. 
David & Ellen Walters
Chester Stables, LLC
Larry F. Curtis Stables, LLC
Richard Freer
Delrene Sims
Maryann Pardo
Sherry Souza
Sabrina Williams
Kimberly Ford-Tulloch
Johanna Karpf
Mary Allison
Kelly de Gyor
Susan Gavin Stocks
Gary Hemp


PO Box 136
Ranson, WV 25438

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